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Cinnamon Toast Studios is the brainchild of best friends Jon Baker and Dave Filhart. Along with their team of scoundrels, they have been creating grandmaster plans, schemes, music and art, individually and collectively since Jr. High. With families of their own now, they are feeling more creative than ever. Furthermore, they are not above exploiting the spontaneous and pure ideas of their kids. If you want something original, funny, positive, and happy, contact Cinnamon Toast Studios today!

Cinnamon Toast Studios is a creative house specializing in web design, copywriting, web hosting, art, illustration, design, multimedia, commercials, scripting, marketing, branding, advertising, musical jingles, creative production, curation and more. We strive to design simple, delightful, and impactful user experiences. We take on projects of all sizes, and would consider it an honor to work with you. Our team strives to make our client’s vision come into fruition, and then some. Please click the “GET YOUR BUTT KICKED!” button above to submit your information, and we will pow-wow.

Please do say hello and check out our best work.

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